Ethics Code

EPIA is not only committed to a quality product, the Association is also committed to a correct ethical conduct of its members.

Although the Association represents the majority of the ice producers in Europe, the Association is not a sales organization.

The EPIA assists its members to provide the retailer and consumer with a safe, high quality, consumable food product.
Although our members have the same goal they are still competitors.  The EPIA therefore does not allow or condone any behavior which is not in compliance with European Rules on Competition.

In order to become a member of the Association a company has to accept and sign our Ethical Code.
For the customer dealing with an EPIA member means you are dealing with a reliable supplier who is dedicated to delivering you the quality you require.
The EPIA and its members declare that they will conduct themselves in a professional manner, which encourages fair competition between the members and between members and non-members of the EPIA.
Members will adhere to the bylaws of the EPIA and in case of non-description will act in the spirit of the EPIA and the world wide Ice industry.
The members will refrain from:
1.  Practices which are in violation of national and European Law with regard to Rules on Competition, in specific Title VI, Chapter 1, Section 1, Art.  81 and 82 of the European Treaty.
2.  Use of intimidation, violence, fraudulent claims, false statements etc.  to other Ice producers, customers or any person or company in order to attain market share,
3.  Using intellectual property, material etc.  from another member(s), the association or competitors for their own benefit either in a positive or in a negative manor, without their prior consent,
4.  Make statements to the media which can hurt the interest of the packaged ice industry, the association or its members and customers,
5.  Using the media to settle or influence disputes with another member(s), the association or the packaged ice industry,
6.  Using third parties to inform the media, government officials etc.  to settle or influence disputes with another member(s), the association or the packaged Ice industry,
7.  Any action not stated above which is regarded as negative to the interest or Image of the packaged Ice industry by the EPIA.