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Item Description

Model HST
• Designed specifically for use with Carving Block Maker and tilt Cart.
• Safely & effortlessly lifts the block off ice from the Carving Block Maker.
• The gear reduction chain hoist offers ease and reliability with minimal pull.
• The Lifting Bar hooks onto the Lifter Plates that were frozen into each end of the
block of ice. After gently flexing the sides of each chamber, slowly hoist the
block off ice out of the machine.
• The Carving Block Hoist is designed to be used with the Tilt Cart.
Model HST Specifications
• Hoist Dimensions: 200 cm Tall x 80 cm W x 115 cm H .
• Hoist Weight : 100 kg
Load limit of 200 kg .
• Utilizes a ½ ton chain fall hoist.
• Electric Hoist EINHELL GLOBAL SHZ 500 -2 230 V
PRICE : 850 €

Ice Art Sp. z o.o.
ul.Ćwiczebna 100
51-009 Wrocław, Poland
ice@ice.pl; marta@ice.pl


Seller Contact Details

Country: Poland
Contact Name: Wieslaw Swierzynski
Contact Company: Ice Art Sp. z o.o.
Contact Telephone: 48 (71) 798 20 61
Contact Email: ice@ice.pl