Welcome to the European Packaged Ice Association

The EPIA is a trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of packaged ice and manufacturers of ice making equipment, supplies and services.

Founded in October 2008 this trade organization is ideal for any size company by providing information and resources that will help growth and profitability.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

The greatest benefit of European Packaged ice Association (EPIA) membership is the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices in the ice industry. By joining EPIA you will discover a wealth of knowledge and experience in our community of European ice producers, distributors, supplies, and partner organizations.

As an EPIA Member you will also:

  • Enjoy networking and developing closer ties with other ice producers, distributors, equipment suppliers and industry leaders
  • Learn how to apply industry “Best Practices” to the production and distribution of packaged ice in our marketplace
  • Acquire effective business development and sales techniques to expand packaged ice sales
  • Gain the distinction of being associated with the trans-Europe EPIA label as the superior quality of branding of packaged ice
  • Benefit from EPIA relationships with other international associations and corporations that assist our members expand their customer base
  • Be among a select group of ice producers and distributors that conform to the rigorous HACCP compliant packaged ice quality standards of the EPIA
  • Take advantage of cost-effective group purchases of new equipment from our member suppliers and buy or sell used equipment through the online shop
  • Access a ready list of packaged ice resources to help meet your surge capacity needs during peak sales periods
  • Receive our quarterly newsletters ad updates from our Chairman
  • Participate in committee initiatives to continually improve the EPIA benefits to our members

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Association Goals

  • To promote the interests of companies engaged in the production or distribution of ice for public consumption or industrial or scientific use,
  • To fairly represent the interests of the ice industry to governmental agencies at the local, state and European levels,
  • To maintain communication and foster understanding between the ice industry and related industries,
  • To provide information and educational resources that will contribute to business development and economic progress within the ice industry,
  • To manage and promote quality and safety standards for packaged ice,
  • To promote cooperation and understanding between packaged ice companies across Europe
  • To promote the use of packaged ice across Europe. The association is not intended to make profits for itself