History and our mission

The Europe Package Ice Association (EPIA) is a dynamic association founded in 2008 that brings together manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of packaged ice in Europe. Our goal is to promote high standards of quality, safety and innovation in the ice packaging industry.

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Our goal is to promote high quality and safe packaged ice

Since its inception, EPIA has strived to strengthen cooperation among members and represent their interests internationally. Our association plays an active role in creating an environment conducive to the development of the packaged ice industry and supporting our members in achieving success.

Board of directors

Gavin Marks

Chairman / ESKIMO ICE

Florin Popovici

Secretary / INSTANT ICE

Maria Thery Garzo

Producer's reprezentative / NATURGHIACCIO

Mark Allan

Supplier's Reprezentative / KEITH MANUFACTURING COMPANY

Fernando Fernandez


Carolina Vela

Project Manager /


We support you

We offer support in various areas to help our members succeed and grow their businesses.

Support for producers

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As EPIA, we actively support ice producers by providing them with the necessary tools
and knowledge to help them improve the quality and efficiency of their production. We organize training courses, seminars and workshops where producers can exchange experiences and learn new skills. We strive for continuous development of the industry by

Collaboration with distributors

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EPIA establishes close cooperation with suppliers of raw materials
We act as an intermediary, connecting suppliers with manufacturers to ensure efficient and reliable supply of high-quality materials. We place a high value on sustainability and the promotion of green solutions, so we support

Collaboration with suppliers

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We help build strong relationships
with information on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. We organize networking meetings where distributors can meet other professionals and exchange knowledge.

Members have access to a number of benefits to help grow their business.

Logo and Accreditation: Gain the right to use the EPIA logo and get EPIA accreditation, which represents reliability, safety, and quality. These symbols enhance your business’s credibility and showcase your commitment to industry standards.
Access to Producers, Distributors, and Reliable Suppliers: Connect with a network of trusted producers, distributors, and suppliers. This access ensures you have reliable partners to help grow and support your business operations.
Manage Your Membership Online: Easily manage your membership through our online platform. Access exclusive materials, resources, and tools designed to support your professional development and business growth.
Stay Informed with EPIA Newsletters: Receive regular EPIA newsletters to stay updated on the latest industry trends, news, and developments. Keep your finger on the pulse of the ice industry with timely and relevant information.
Discounts for Our Annual Convention: Enjoy special member discounts for our annual EPIA convention. This event is an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and engage with industry leaders and peers, all while saving on registration fees.
What members say


We wholeheartedly recommend the European Package Ice Association to all ice producers and distributors. Their unwavering commitment to the industry and the exceptional support they offer are unmatched, making them an invaluable partner in our business journey.



The European Package Ice Association’s dedication to promoting best practices and setting industry standards has had a profound impact on our operations. Their resources and guidelines have helped us streamline our processes and consistently deliver top-quality packaged ice to our customers.


MASZ LOD Sp. z.o.o

We have experienced significant growth and expansion since becoming a member of the European Package Ice Association. Their support in establishing partnerships and business connections has opened up new opportunities and markets for our company.



The European Package Ice Association’s educational programs have been invaluable in enhancing our team’s knowledge and skills. The seminars and workshops they organize have equipped us with the tools necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving market.



The European Package Ice Association’s commitment to sustainability has been truly inspiring. Through their initiatives and guidance, we have implemented eco-friendly practices in our ice production, reducing our environmental footprint and earning the trust of environmentally conscious consumers.



We are extremely grateful to be part of the European Package Ice Association. Their advocacy efforts have ensured that our interests as ice producers are well-represented, and their collaboration with regulatory authorities has created a favorable business environment for our industry.


Project Manager

We owe a significant portion of our success to the European Package Ice Association. Their unwavering support and resources have empowered us to optimize our production processes, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.



I would like to express my great satisfaction with the services of the European Package Ice Association. Their support to our company has been invaluable. Thanks to them, we have increased the quality of our packaged ice and improved production efficiency.


CEO Codingconcept

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