Letter from our Chaiman


Dear Fellow EPIA Member;

What a time we had, from the welcoming cocktail party with sponsor specific drinks at the ice bar, the medieval banquet with a real fortune teller, the search through ancient York for local treasures and a noisy drink fest, to the final First Annual EPIA Ice Bag throwing contest.

Look out Palermo 2013; you have a tough act to follow!

With the fun and excitement still in our thoughts, now is the time to keep our promises to devote time and energy to the support and nurturing of the EPIA.  Our new Board of Directors for 2013 is ready to accept the challenge to build on the good work of the past and start new initiatives to make the EPIA something we can all be proud to be a part of.  Among the most significant milestones attained last year were to finally establish the EPIA as a recognized legal entity that is responsible for its own obligations without putting any of us personally at risk.  We can all be proud of the teamwork that made that happen.

That said, we together have a great amount of work to do this year.  The new committees met to put forth initiatives for 2013 during the last day of the convention and scheduled follow-up meetings via Skype.  The excitement is paying off and some committees have already started petitioning the Board to accept their initiatives and to fund them for 2013.  Let’s make this excitement contagious and I implore each of you to join at least one of the committees to make your voice heard.  Just send me an email at  fairtrade@cox.net and I will help you chose a committee to join.  If we all work to mold the EPIA as we think it should be, it will reflect the needs of each of us individually.

In the next few weeks I will be reaching out to each committee to focus attention on bringing in new and interesting ideas about how we as the EPIA can shape the organization to best promote our collective strengths and mitigate our weaknesses.  Please help me to help you mold the EPIA to be what you think it should be.

Stan Williams
Your Chairman