HACCP Certification News


Dear EPIA Member,


Now that the holiday season has passed, we are all thinking optimistically about the busy season for ice sales during the warmer months of 2013.  One of the important things we should keep at the top of our “to do” list is to update our HACCP certifications.  During the past few years we have had a great deal of discussion about HACCP and how to attain certification and then to maintain certification.  Throughout Europe the local rules seem to be diverse, but in gereral strive to make packaged ice safe as the food product that it is.

Your elected Board of Directors has worked closely with your Standards Committee to help crystalize the HACCP certification rules we have agreed to as an association.  In order to ensure that every producer and distributor member understands these rules and can move toward a uniform HACCP certification policy we have decided to provide a single uniform guideline manual.  This manual clearly describes what HACCP certification is, how to become initially certified, and how and when to attain continual certification.

The EPIA will continue to maintain our reputation as the premier association of professional packaged ice producers, distribuitors, and suppliers for the ice industry inEuropeand surrounding countries.

Beginning this year your membership dues will support not only the management and organizational cost of the association, but will also provide for your copy of the official HACCP certification manual and whatever future updates that will be made to the document.

This document was originally offerred during the 2012 convention for a per copy price of €100.  Your Board of Directors along with the Standards Committee has negotiated a bulk price for the document and feel that it will greatly benefit all members by having and following the guidelines spelled out in this document.  Those of you that purchased the document already will be reimbursed for your expediture.

Once again the EPIA is talking another step to make our association members known as the companies that provide “Ice You Can Trust”.

You will be provided this document along with your receipt indicating that your 2013 dues have been paid.  The Operational Guidelines clearly state that the annual membership fees are due as of 31 March each year.  Also with your dues payment this year you will be provided an electronic copy of the EPIA Operational Guidelines.  This is the document that suppliments the official bylaws and prescribes how the association shall function on a daily basis.  This yoiur document as a member of the association and you should read and understand all of it in order to be a actively participing and productive member of the association.

I look forward to hearing from you throughout the year to hear about how your business is doing and any questions or concerns you might have regarding the packaged ice business.


Stan Williams

Your EPIA President