A letter of appreciation to our valued supplier member sponsors.


Each year during our annual convention, the BoD reaches out to our supplier members to ask if they would like to sponsor one of the convention events or activities. Each year we have a number of items that are individually priced by the convention hotel and other establishments in the convention town. These items range from placing water and candy on the tables in the general meeting hall, providing coffee and refreshments during the morning and afternoon breaks, providing wine with the midday meal and the meal itself, the first night kick-off cocktail party, dinner on Thursday evening, the Gala dinner on Friday evening, bus transportation to remote events, lanyards for name tags during the convention, and the room key cards used for hotel room access.

These sponsorships range from €600 for a single coffee break, €600 for bus transportation, €800 for wine during a meal, €1.000 for a midday meal of dinner, €1.000 for lanyards, €1.200 for hotel card keys, €1.200 for the kick-off cocktail party. We also find that some of our generous sponsors elect to sponsor multiple events. Along with these offered sponsorships there are signs posted throughout the convention activities thanking each sponsor for their generosity the sponsoring company is recognized and thanked publicly during the general sessions and the specific event they sponsor.

This year Automatic Ice again for the third year will be sponsoring the hotel card keys plus the kick-off cocktail party with a very generous contribution to the convention participants. Thank you Don. Leer will again provide the name tag lanyards used throughout the convention meetings. Thank you Ben. During the prior conventions, Patkol and Wessamatt together sponsored not one, but all four of the coffee breaks throughout the convention, thank you Pudet and Michael. Again Coalza is being very generous to also offer the top sponsorship contribution amount. Thank you Rafael. Polimur will be providing sponsorship funds at the highest level also. Thank you Alex. This year Green Cold will also join the sponsorship group and provide a very generous amount to promote a very enjoyable convention.

All of our sponsors have a one time or another participated as sponsors for events and activities during our annual general meetings. All of us must remember that we are a team and both the ice producers and ice industry equipment and supply providers must work closely together to continue to improve the packaged ice industry in Europe. Neither one of our member categories will grow and prosper without the other, be they ice producers and distributors nor equipment and supply providers. We are a homogeneous group that must work and learn together or perish. The continued efforts our EPIA family of companies has made the EPIA what it is today after 10 years of tireless effort and what it will be grow to be during the next ten years.

We have some of the industry’s most generous supplier members and must take a moment during the convention to walk up and say thank you to each of them.